Meet Kathy Bowers, the customer service associate at our Louisville Rd. location. This summer, she’ll be celebrating her one-year mark at Fast Freddy’s. Kathy’s upbeat personality and passion for providing a great experience are what put her in the spotlight this month. Prior to Fast Freddy’s, Kathy worked in childcare and as a waitress.

"I really love working for this company. The business integrity and passion for their customers satisfaction make it a great place to work,” says Kathy.

Being a Kentucky girl at heart, Kathy enjoys animals and the great outdoors. Not only does she take care of her daughter’s cat, Dedo, but she also has a Mustang horse named Roxy. On the weekends she enjoys sitting outside on the porch with a cold drink, listening to Christian music, or riding Roxy. Her love for wildlife and great weather make Vermont her dream place to visit. Next time you’re in the Louisville area, make sure you say hello to Kathy and wish her a happy one-year anniversary at Fast Freddy’s!