Meet Bobby Clay, the Assistant Manager at our Frankfort location. Bobby is a proud Frankfort, KY native. His favorite part about working in the car wash industry is his fellow employees! He enjoys the positive vibe they bring to the business and that the team works together well and is focused on providing the best service possible. Bobby attended Western Kentucky State where he studied business management. Bobby has experience in the retail industry and has spent the last six years in the Army National Guard.

In his free time, Bobby enjoys walking his dog, Leo, an Australian Shepard mix. He adopted Leo when he was 6 weeks old and has now had him for over 4 years. You can find Bobby at the gym at least 4 times a week because he enjoys staying in shape and working out. When he’s not at the gym, he likes playing video games and hanging with his friends. When he’s jamming to his favorite tunes, it’s usually an R&B song with a good beat and lyrics. Bobby is going back to school with a dream of becoming a doctor! Next time you’re at our Frankfort location, keep an eye out for Bobby and feel free to give him a Fast Freddy’s shout out!