How to Stay Out of the Gym for a Month

January is not the best month for regular gym rats because New Year's resolutions bring crowds unlike any time of year. If you're the type that likes to avoid the resolution crowds, this may not be your favorite time to pump it up.

But what if there were a way to stay out of the gym for an entire month?! Could you avoid the January crowds that increase workout times and occupy valuable space and still keep your body running like a well-tuned automobile?

The truth is that if you dedicate yourself to the gym for 11 out of the 12 months in the calendar year, you're still way ahead of the vast majority of the population. You can afford a month off. Keep that in mind as you stay at home for 30 days and let the softer-bodied take up gym space for a month.

Here are three easy, sensible ways to avoid the gym in January and still keep up your fitness goals:

Fork put-downs and table-pushes

If you want to stay lean, the No. 1 factor is your calorie intake vs. calories expended, NOT your time in the gym necessarily. If you're accustomed to running three miles a day on your gym's treadmill but can't tolerate the January crowds, take a month off of your three-miles-a-day regimen and simply eat fewer calories. Put the fork down sooner. Push yourself away from the table earlier. These are simple, calorie-saving exercises that require no trips to the gym. Let the newbies sweat it out in your workout space for a month, working on resolutions and working off that holiday weight - you're savvy enough to know that simply cutting back on calories consumed for a month will keep your body composition in line.

Get down with your body

So many people rely on gyms for resistance exercises, which are great, but they don't always recognize that a gym isn't necessary for resistance. Do an online search for bodyweight exercises and take a month off of weights and pulleys to use what your mama gave you as a means of resistance workouts. This might mean air squats, pushups, pull-ups, etc. Your joints might thank you for the month off of weights and weighted machines, and you'd still be providing muscle-building resistance.

Stretch and roll it out

Most gym veterans realize the value of rehab and "pre-hab" gym routines, stretching, foam rolling or massaging your body's working parts. What if, after 11 months of hitting the gym hard, you took a whole month off to heal and prepare? You could maintain your weight or get leaner through diet alone, and use what would be normal gym time to stretch, foam roll or get deep-tissue manipulation that would not only allow your body to heal from the work you've already put in but also prepare you to max out the next 11 grueling months of punishment. If you typically take one rest day a week to ensure peak gym performance, why not one month out of 12 to heal and tune up?

Most people don't have squat racks or deadlift platforms in their homes, so staying out of the gym for the entire month of January might mean skipping some parts of your normal workout routine. But planning ahead for rest and recuperation plus some nutrition adjustments could have you back in the gym in February stronger and more healthy than ever to be a gym warrior for the next 11 months.

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