Inclement weather can leave you stranded, especially if your car's components aren't working efficiently. Take a look at the following useful tips to get your car running efficiently before the coldest months of the year begin.

Replacement and Care of Tires

While it is essential to maintain your tires properly throughout the entire year, doing so during the winter is even more important. Ideally, you should check that your tires have sufficient tread on a regular basis to ensure they grip the road safely. Plus, you need to maintain the proper PSI for your particular type of tire in order to ensure your car handles safely and delivers the type of traction you need to maneuver icy roads.

Inspection and Care of Ventilation System

During the colder months, many people run their car's heater on a daily basis. Unusual noises and odors might signal a problem with your ventilation system. If you notice either one, have your vehicle's ventilation system inspected right away to ensure you aren't experiencing a leak that delivers carbon monoxide into the cabin of your vehicle.

Replacement and Care of Windshield Wipers

Faulty windshield wipers can leave ice, snow, or sleet on your windshield, creating a visual hazard that might lead to an unwanted accident. Many manufacturers recommend that you replace your windshield wipers twice a year. Replacing your wipers before the winter months makes perfect sense, particularly because ice and snow take a heavier toll on the blades than rain drops from spring and summer. Moreover, you lift your wipers away from the windshield when you aren't actively driving during winter storms. If you do so, your wipers won't freeze to your window, helping you to avoid damage to them.

Colder temperatures affect how well your automobile performs, especially if you don't have an enclosed space to store your vehicle when you aren't using it. Take a few moments to inspect your vehicle and make sure that it is roadworthy. Doing so can save your life.