Fabric Interiors

Get rid of ground in grime and dirt with a carpet and upholstery cleaner you can purchase at your local automotive supply store. These cleaners are specially formatted for fabric upholstery so it will clean the seats without saturating them with too much moisture. Moisture encourages mold and no one wants a moldy interior! Fabric floor mats are usually pre-treated with Scotchguard to help protect them so a good vacuum should suffice.  Your rubber floor mats can be cleaned with soap, water and a brush. 

Fast Freddy’s Car Wash has special mat cleaning areas in the vacuum bays that allow you to mount the mats for easier cleaning. Check ‘em out!

Leather interiors

For a deeper cleaning than vacuuming, leather cleaner should be applied on your vehicle’s leather interior.  It’s also a good idea to follow up with a leather conditioner to help protect the seats.

Dashboard & Steering Wheel

Dust, dirt and grime accumulate will accumulate on your dash area as well. A microfiber cloth is a good material to use to clean the dash without scraping the surfaces. Applying a protectant like Amor All afterwards will help protect and add shine back to dull dashes. Protectants also help retain the color of the dash that can be lost due to the suns UV rays.  Show your steering wheel a little love too and apply a protectant there as well. 


Clean windows are important to your personal safety and others in the car. They also look great next to your shiny clean car and should be the last thing you do when detailing your car.  Work out of direct sun. Hot windows can cause the cleaner to evaporate too quickly leaving residue on the glass. Remember to roll the window down about half way and clean the tops of the windows. A microfiber cloth is a great material to clean your windows with, moistening it first with an automotive glass cleaner. Products like RainX provide a water repellent that when applied to the outside of your windows, beads and wisps away the water, allowing for better visibility. A word of caution…tinted windows and defoggers can degrade and even become useless if household cleaners containing ammonia are used are used on the glass.  Be sure to use specially formulated automotive glass cleaner when applying to either of these.

Windshield Wipers

Be sure to keep your wipers in good working order. When the rubber strip dries out and cracks, it won’t hug the glass properly, making it inefficient at clearing water off the windshield. If you maintain your wipers, you won’t discover they’re dried out when you need them most, like in a rain storm!

You will get more life out of your wiper blades if you regularly clean them with a high-quality, ammonia-free glass cleaner, Treated wipers will not skip or make noise, and they will remove water and surface debris more effectively.

Get Organized

Now that your vehicle is clean inside and out, help keep it that way with a handy car organizer. Car organizers are designed with function in mind and are ideal for anyone who regularly brings items with them on the road (who doesn’t, right?!).  Trunk organizers may also be helpful depending on the number of items you store and how easily you need to access them.  

Fast Freddy’s wishes you a clean driving experience from the outside in!