Best Time to Buy

The best time to get a new car is when demand is lower, and prices drop to attract customer interest.

At the End of a Month or Year: Statistics show that buying towards the last day of the month can save you an average of 8.5 percent on a new car. This is because most people tend to buy at the beginning of the month. As the end of the month draws close, dealers are pressured to move extra stock. Purchasing a car near the end of the year can also net you some amazing deals, since last year's models need to be sold quickly to make room for the new models.

During Holidays and Events: Car dealerships usually run special offers during holidays such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day. This can be the perfect time to buy a new car for yourself or as a surprise for someone special. Events like trade shows or meet-and-greets are a great place to find discounts as well. Demo models at these events will often be sold at a much lower price or raffled off in an auction.

When a Model is Discontinued: Buying a discontinued model of car can save you thousands. Dealers don't want those older models taking up space on their sales floor for very long and need to get them sold as soon as possible. One word of caution before buying a discontinued car though - make sure that the dealer you buy from will honor the warranty, and that replacement parts will be available if you need them.

Worst Time to Buy

Buying at these times will usually cost you more, as demand is higher, and dealers don't need to drop prices to attract sales.

At the Beginning of a Month or Year: Car sales tend to pick up at the first of the month, since most people want to get their shopping done early, before the month runs out. The beginning of a new year is also a time when dealers experience a higher volume of sales, with customers trading in their old model for the newest one.

Before the Summer Season: Summer is the busiest driving season. People often take road trips or vacations during this time, or just spend more time in general outside, and would like a new car to get them where they want to go. Rather than reducing prices during the summer, many car dealerships inflate them.

After a Credit Hit: If you've recently gotten into trouble with a creditor, this is not the best time to buy a new car. Wait until your credit has been established again before you visit a dealership. Customers with bad credit are considered high risk and will often be charged a much higher interest rate on their purchase.

When a Model is Just Released: The first few months after a new car model is released can be the most expensive time to buy. Car dealerships promote like crazy whenever a new model comes out - that buzz almost always translates into increased customer demand, with higher prices.

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