5 Essential Advantages of Car Window Tinting

There's no argument that tinted windows make a car look great, adding an aura of quality and exclusivity. However, the benefits of window tinting go far beyond first impressions. This month, Fast Freddy’s brings you five reasons why you may want to tint up your ride.

5 Tips to Getting in Shape in 2020

Getting in shape can feel like such an arduous chore. Maybe you've tried before and had trouble making an exercise plan stick. If you're looking to turn a new leaf in 2020, there are ways you can take some of the monotony out of working out. This month, Fast Freddy’s is bringing …

Five Tips for a More Comfortable Road Trip

If you’re planning to spend the holidays with your loved ones, you may find yourself traveling on the roads for an extended amount of time. Forgetting essential items or tasks can cause traveling to be stressful. This month, Fast Freddy’s Car Wash is here to offer five tips on how to …

4 Signs Your Vehicle's Brakes Need Repair

Automobiles require maintenance throughout their life, including keeping it clean at Fast Freddy’s Car Wash. Most importantly though is brake maintenance. You shouldn’t put off brake repair since brake problems can leave your car unsafe to drive. This month, Fast Freddy’s Car …

Fast Freddy’s Car Wash donates over $678.00 to Shelby County High School Girls Basketball Team

Learn about our recent fundraiser for the Shelby County High School Girls Basketball Team.

October Special

Touchdown Tuesday's! Here is our October Special!